His first book, the book that made him successful, was ‘The treasure Island‘ , an adventure that takes place on the water, with pirates, sailors and of course a hidden treasure. It was published in 1883.

Then, not long after (1885), he published ‘Prince Otto‘, an action romance which took place in a fictional state in Germany, called Grunewald.

The next two books he published were both really successful and were both published in 1886.
The first is called ‘The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde‘, a psychological novella , and the second called ‘Kidnappe ‘ , a historical novel.

Two years later he published ‘The Black Arrow : A tale of the two roses‘, which is both a romance and historical novel and took place during the ‘Wars of the Roses‘.

In 1889, he published ‘The Master of Ballantrae‘ and ‘The Wrong Box‘ , which he wrote with Lloyd Osbourne.

In 1892 he collaborated again with Lloyd Osbourne and published ‘The Wrecker‘.

A year later, as ‘Kidnapped’ was such a successful novel he wrote a sequel to it, called ‘Catriona‘.

His third collaboration with Lloyd, ‘The Ebb-Tide‘ was published in 1894.

The last two books were published after his death, the first being ‘Weir of Hermiston‘, published in 1896. The second ‘St. Ives: Being the adventures of a French Prisoner in England‘ was published in 1897 and finished by Arthur Quiller-Couch, as Robert died and didn’t want the novel unfinished.

Robert also published some short stories, having collections of them. His first collection of short stories was published in 1882, ‘New Arabian Nights‘, containing ‘A Lodging for the Night‘, written in 1877, ‘The Sire de Maletroits Door‘, also written in 1877, ‘Later-day Arabian Nights‘, ‘Providence and the Guitar‘, written in 1878 and ‘The pavilion on the Links‘, written in 1880.

In 1887 he published his second collection ‘The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables‘, containing 6 short stories. First ‘The Merry Men‘, written in 1882, then ‘Markheim‘ written in 1885, and then ‘Will O’ the Mill‘, ‘Thrawn Janet‘, ‘Olalla‘ and ‘The treasure of Franchard‘, all written in 1887.

In 1893 he published Island Nights’ Entertainments, containing three longer stories: ‘The bottle Imp‘, written in 1891, ‘The Beach of Falesa, written in 1892, and ‘The Isle of Voices‘ , written in 1893.

Robert had a few uncollected short stories, such as ‘An Old Song‘ and ‘Edifying Letters of the Rutherford Family‘ written in 1877, ‘The Story of a Lie‘, written in 1879, ‘The Body Snatcher‘, written in 1884, and ‘The Misadventures of John Nicholson : A Christmas Story‘, written in 1887.

I would say a pretty impressive list for someone who only lived 44 years. In todays society, with specialized medical help that would have helped with his bronchiectasis, he would probably have lived longer. And written more.