Events and Honors

Like every successful writer, Robert Louis Stevenson’s memory was honored in different ways. Museum owners dedicated entire rooms in his memory, a garden was created and other different, original and creative ways to honor his memory.

An American sculptor designed a bronze relief in 1904, which is placed in the Cathedral of Edinburgh. Another sculpted stone stands proudly nearby the Edinburgh Castle, honering Robert as ‘A Man of Letters‘.

Above the door of a house in Castle of Braemar where he lived and slept for a few months, there’s a plaque which let the people who enter know that ‘Here R.L. Stevenson spent the Summer of 1881 and wrote Treasure Island, his first great work‘.

From 1952 until now, a college preparatory boarding school was built in Pebble Beach, California. It was named ‘Stevenson School‘.

Bournemouth Corporation designed a garden in 1957, near Robert’s Westbourne house where he stayed from 1885 to 1887.

An entire room in The Writers’ Museum is dedicated to Robert, and it contains many of his personal objects and possession, including a self made garbage removal system and several pyjamas.

Finally, in 1994, as the 100th anniversary from Robert’s death, the Royal Bank of Scotland issued £1 notes, having Robert’s signature on a side and his face on the other. Two million £1 notes were issued for lots of different loans, every each one of them having the serial number starting with ‘RLS‘.

I think memorials and commemorations are really important. They remind us of the people that maybe made a big difference in the world, or maybe just in our lives. People come and go, and memories are all we have. Imagine if there were no statues built for successful writers, musicians, if there were no schools named after them. At one point, they would be forgotten.

In my opinion, they still live through these memorials and commemorations. And I think they deserve them, it’s the least we can do in return of the beautiful work of art they wrote, sang , did.