Writing Overview

Robert Louis Stevenson’s first successful novel was a sailors and pirates story about a fifteen year old boy looking for a buried treasure. The book is called “The treasure Island“, though its initial name was “The Sea-Cook“. It was published in 1883.

Robert was 30 years old when he started to write “The treasure Island“. The first fifteen chapters were written in Braemar in 1881, it was a few rainy summer days when Robert was on holiday with his family.

The novel starts in a small city near the sea, in England, in the middle of the 18th century. Jim Hawkins, a fifteen year old boy is the son of the Admiral Benbow Inn’s owner. An old drunk man, Billy Bones, arrives in the town and wants to become long term lodger of the Inn. Jim could sense that Billy is hiding something because of his strange behaviour and his meetings with a sailor who had only one leg.

After a few months, Billy is visited by a man called Black Dog and their meeting becomes violent. Billy is hurt and Black Dog disappears. Jim will take care of Billy, while Billy tells Jim everything about his past with a pirates gang. The gang’s leader was Captain Flint and his old friends were coming for Billy’s treasure. Pew, another old friend of Billy’s appeared after a while. He gave Billy a note which warned him that he’ll die until 10 o’clock and so did he. Billy left the treasure and Jim had to leave and hide from the pirates together with his financially unstable mom, as they followed Jim for the treasure.

The package left by Billy contained Captain Flint’s journal and a map to the island where a treasure was hidden. Jim leaves with a few friends to the island looking for the treasure.

The book was screened many times. It was first screened in 1920 having Shirley Mason for the main role, and the movie was called ‘The treasure Island‘.