Do you live in Abu Dhabi and have your own office or company?  If yes, then congratulations!  But tell me, are you satisfied with your staff? Do you want a better or cheaper staff?  Do you have cleaning staff or thinking to hire them?

If you have hired then it is good and if you are thinking king about then trust me you need to hire them because your office is required to look presentable to every other person who work or visit the place.

To hire a cleaning staff, you need to contact cleaning companies. Although, Abu Dhabi is a small city,  it has thousands of cleaning companies that provide a maid or complete staff of either four worker or 1000s of workers to swipe off the dust from the house or a company that hire them. They provide different kinds of services which includes

  1. Residential cleaning
  2. Corporate cleaning
  3. Sofa cleaning
  4. Window cleaning
  5. Kitchen cleaning
  6. Odour removing

Residential cleaning is all about cleaning apartments and houses. Corporate cleaning is to clean offices and buildings. Window, sofa and kitchen cleaning is to brush off the dust from the corners of window, sofa and kitchen.

Offices are required to avail corporate cleaning services. Any company will provide the required number of cleaners for the month. Furthermore, you also have to call their sofa cleaners and window cleaners once a month to make your workplace look and smell present.

Each cleaning company has its own chart of prices.  They all have different prices. Yet, all companies do not charge less than 35 AED for an hour. However, there are different packages offered by them in which clients are offered different cleaning services in a month. These packages are less costly and provide lots of advantages and benefits to the company but it will be better to separate 1000 AED at least because no one will charge you less than a thousand AED.  After all, you are availing their services for whole day,  not two hours.

So these are basic guidelines of office cleaning Abu Dhabi!! Abu Dhabi is a city where you will find lots of offices where cleaning of a place and employees are given huge importance. Therefore there are so many cleaning companies in the city of lifestyle and luxuriousness so that you can keep your company neat and tidy always. If you want to know more about cleaning and Abu Dhabi then click here!