Dubai is not just a fabulous tourist spot, but it is also the hub of trade and commercial activities in UAE. There are several reasons to invest in Dubai free zones, only few of which are commonly known. These zones are specifically designed as regions to attract foreign investment. Not only will you find every facility here, but you will get these at very reasonable rates. That’s not all; almost all businesses operating from here pay zero% tax rates which make Dubai free zones a major attraction for investors. Depending upon your background, you can do business in regions like Dubai Multi Commodities Business Center without worrying much about taxes and tariffs. Here is more on why getting involved with a free zone business setup is a great idea:

The Perfect Zone

Before you go on to invest money in setting up a business in the DMCC zone, ask yourself – what is there for you? You will probably get multiple answers, each of which will satisfy you. For instance, the free zones in Dubai are preferred by several local and foreign investors as they are meant for business. You cannot say the same for many other zones in the city. So, why to invest in a free zone at all? It is the best deal for many reasons. Firstly, you don’t end up paying huge sums on tax, tariffs and fees over and over. The DMCC free zone asks for no tax, so your first worry is gone. Keep in mind that businesses end up paying an arm and leg to operate from non-free zones in the same country.

Next is the ownership of your business. When you know that your business will stay yours as long as you run it, you feel more confident while doing business. It is one of the primary reasons why investors from different corners of the world are attracted to UAE in general, and Dubai in particular.

Recognition is another reason why entrepreneurs love to do business in Dubai. The moment you realize that your business, located in Dubai, will be instantly identified and honored, you see no reason not to operate from Dubai free zone.