Kids are kids. They want special treatment and attention. They ate very sensitive about it. Therefore, parents are required to look at them,  cajole them, kiss them and spend time with them. They should celebrate their birthdays and make them feel special. 

A birthday is very special day for children. The children expect a decent party on this day. And patents try their best to meet their expectations. 

However, there are ways to meet their expectations while keeping the wallet half full. 

The steps to organize budget friendly party are:

Clean the room: Clean the chosen room or area initially so that you can start decoration. After cleaning, place the carpet and table in center. Make a big circle from chairs so that all kids would talk each other. 

Decorate the room: Decorate the room with balloons. You can buy them of different colors. You can either stick them on wall via tape or keep them on floor or you can go for both. Besides balloons, you can use strings and flowers to decorate the room. And if you have skills of party planners Dubai and pieces of plain clothes, then style them and hang them on walls. You can even ask your child too that kind of decoration he or she wants. You can also involve him or her to decorate the room if you have not planned to give surprise to your child. 

Kitchen and cooking: You have options there. You can either cook or fry chicken and fries by yourself or order them. Same goes with the cake. You can buy delicious cake for cheap from store or you can bake yourself. If you are planning to do it by yourself, then you have to spend a lot of time in kitchen. So take out time for it otherwise visit restaurant and get the meal fast. 

Clothes: Buy new clothes and gifts for your child from kids entertainment Dubai to drop his jaws on the birthday party. Buy bright clothes and jeans for the day to wear and toys to gift him. You can also buy books and journals for the birthday child to surprise your star. 

Use paper plates and glasses: Use paper plates and glasses to save money otherwise you will have to pay a lot of bill of water. Paper plates and glasses will make less mess. Games: You can plan some light games for children too like musical chair or truth and dare to make the party full of fun for them.