Animal boarding means keeping an animal be it a pet or a stray animal for fostering purpose while the owner is away or has some other chores to do and cannot give his/her time to the pet. People who are going abroad or out of city can also put their animals on boarding.

Boarding can be given to all the animals including cats, dogs, horses, birds and reptiles even.

Things to consider before putting the animal for boarding:

Before putting your animal on boarding even if it is a stray animal, you have to ensure that your animal is vaccinated against viral diseases as well as rabies. Before choosing that boarding centre or day Care centre for your pet do visit it once uninvited to check how do they work and what is the condition of animals while there are no visitors there.

Make sure the staff of the boarding centre is aware of the weaknesses of your pet such as some of the dogs are scared of thundering and some of the cats are not tamed. Ask the staff what should you bring along with your animal like some of the boarding shelters demand a blanket or toys but do not bring a bulk quantity of toys like stuff.

Do not get anxious that you are leaving your pet for boarding because animals catch vibes and they get scared when they feel that the owner is nervous or worried but tell the animal that you will be back soon. 

Most of the animals that come back from boarding sleep a lot so do not get scared because it is not always something to be afraid of because at boarding they get to play a lot and they get to see other animals playing so they usually prefer staying awake. 

Do not forget to call the boarding centre after you have kept your animal at the boarding with them so they get to take a lot of care of your animal. You can even demand the pictures of your animals to ensure they are safe.

Other offers: 

Boarding cats and dogs sometimes also include some offers like  cat and dog grooming, bathing, nail trimming and shaving.

If you are planning to put your animal on boarding then follow the above steps and always go for the renowned and reputable boarding centres because choosing a wrong option can be dangerous to the animal. Some of the veterinary clinics and hospitals have also this offer available but it’s better to go for a separate grooming centre because at vet’s there come several infected animals and your animal can catch the infection even if it is vaccinated.