There are many hair salons in Dubai which provide you best advices along with their services to make you look beautiful and confident. When a person thinks himself as beautiful then he will automatically get the self-confidence. When you get the Haircut Dubai marina then you will feel a nice change on your personality which will then give you confidence. There are a number of haircuts introduced now with the fusion of different haircuts. Mostly the salon hair stylist will give you an honest advice about the hair cut which suits you according to your face cut but if you are not satisfied with them and wants to search some haircuts on your own then you should see this article here:

Sleek bob: If you are a fan of short hair style then this is just perfect for you. In this hairs are cut to the length of your neck and it will go better when you get the middle partition of your hair when you have a long face. If you have a round face then this hair cut is not for you but if you still want to do that then you should keep the side partition to make your face look slimmer.

Jagged bob: This is another hair cut style which not only suits long faces but also the bulky faces too. In this hairs will be cut long from the front and then from the back they will be cut equal to the hair line. If you want to look stylish then this hair cut is just perfect for you. You have to be careful about the front length. If you have a long face then your hair length should not go beyond your collar bone and of you have a bulky or round face then make the length a little longer.

Bob with fringes: This is a variation of bob with a touch of modernization. In this hair cut bob cutting with the length of ear or neck is combined with the fringes from the front. In this hair cut both middle and side parting looks beautiful. This is more suitable for the girls with slim body and slim long face. If you have a round face and a bulky body then this will make you look bigger.