Moving somewhere abroad can be a big life transition, whether it’s for work, or family, or studies, better life opportunities. While the whole experience can overwhelm, packing and moving your belonging can prove to overthrow the excitement during this time.

You would need to make a start by making a list of things that you will be taking with yourself, things that will go into charity, and things that are simply going to be dumped in a skip. Second hand or used items sell for very little in Dubai, which is why most families decide to ship their hard-earned belongings with them to their new home rather than spending more money on buying brand new items.

Once all that is decided you will have to contact mover who provide international services, some tips you will require for choosing a moving firm would include researching about the container size, Shipping method, Distance.

The bigger your place and quantity of your items the bigger container size and the more expensive it will be. The shipping methods are only limited to 2, you can choose Air freight – quick but expensive, or Cargo which proves to be much more cost effective. You will need to distinguish the distance you are travelling to which the moving firm will use to calculate the cost. The farther you are migrating to, the more expensive it is.

The international movers rates in Dubai can vary from anywhere between Dh 8,000 – Dh 32,000, depending on the distance you will moving to. Locations like Oman, Pakistan or India cost starting Dh 8,000 up to Dh 15,000. Whereas, places like the US, Canada, or Belgium can range from dh 22,000 to 32,000.

The total cost of moving the valuable consider all the aspect as mentioned earlier, and once all the information has been considered you will be given a price to suit your budget. To minimise your cost, you will need to get rid of as many things as possible that you will have no use in your new home or can be bought from the country you are migrating to. Book the mode of transportation as early as possible to minimise chances of delays. Use leftover boxes from old appliances or request stores to provide you with boxes they no longer require saving you the expense of buying packaging boxes. Click here for further details.