While appointing Dubai wedding planners make sure about the different abilities of them like their food menu, arranging ability, planning experience, food quality, quantity of the food and arrangements and many things. Make sure about the different floral arrangements Dubai which they will provide you. These wedding planners must be experienced enough to tackle any kind of problem even during the event. Any discrepancy may occur like lighting malfunction, seating shortage due to excess number of guests or any other problem may happen. To make sure about the wedding planner you have to see the following:

Food taste: The best planner is the one which provides best food in the event. The food should not only tastes good but also it also looks tempting. If the food does these things then your event will become memorable for years to come. People pay so much consideration to the food quality, appearance and the quantity. In quantity we mean that how quickly an empty dish will be refilled during the event. Some planners plan their event so awfully that they do not get the idea about the food quantity. They estimate wrongly and as a result there will be shortage of food and people will whether wait for the refilling or you can hear them complaining about this.

Lighting: Another thing which is very important is that the lighting of your event. If a planner arranges the event exquisitely but does not give emphasis on the lighting then the arrangement will be ruined and guests will not enjoy the ceremony.

 Staff conduct: Staff of the planner should be very well trained especially the waiters who will serve the food to the guests. Waiters should be humble and polite while serving. They should provide what their guests need at the place of their sitting and provide them assistance in food searching so that the guests should not wander here and there in search of their desired item.

Ambiance: Ambiance of the event should be captivating so that people will not get bored. There should be the presence of DJ who will entertain the guests with different kind of latest songs. While the guests are enjoying their food DJ must provide a light and soothing music in the background so the food will tastes amazing even more.