If you come across as someone who is passionate about keeping his car in top condition, then there are quite a few things that you need to pay attention to. First of all, you should keep a check on the service history of your car so that it doesn’t end up consuming extra miles without oil and filter change. It is a must to do that at least five thousand kilometers or roughly eight months or less, depending on when the car actually reaches that number. Also, note that your car needs to visit a reputable service station especially if it is from a German maker. You will find many  German experts car maintenance in Abu Dhabi across the country. You can look for one and make sure to hire one too provided that the service is licensed and authentic. There is no denying the fact that German cars are a little sensitive, but they are not. In fact, using original parts in the German car will allow you to use it for a very long time without the part being broken. This is because original parts are made to last, unlike those substandard parts that are made cheap and may require replacement after a few hundred kilometers. Prefer to do the following when choosing a car care center for sending your car for annual care:

Must be authentic

One of the first things you should notice is that the service center is authentic. Even though you don’t have an authentic service center nearby, you should look for one in the city and send your car there. Keep in mind that German cars require quality servicing and parts swapping when they are sent to the service center.

Certified technicians

It is given that you will find certified technicians and mechanics at a reputable service center. In fact, this service center will prove to be the one-stop car care solution provider after which you will not have to send the car to any service center. From checking the wind pressure in the tire to replacing engine components if need be, this car care center will do it all for your car. If you are in search of a  Rolls Royce service center in Dubai, then you should prefer the ones certified and authorized by Rolls Royce. Doing so will help you find a service center that will provide excellent service and parts replacing the car.