NDT training is a specific range of techniques that is used for evaluation of properties of material or component. When they analysis the date that make sure that all inspection should be carefully without any damage or destruction or material or component. NDT is used in many industries like Aerospace, power, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, transport, and job opportunities. Career in NDT is very dynamic, up to date training is necessity in NDT career. Qualification is much important in NDT profession; any error can create disastrous consequences. So as an NDT operator you have to get refresh skills on regular basis.

There are many institutes that provide NDT training In Dubai; you may also get this training online. As an NDT expert you have opportunity to learn different methods, you can also get specialization in one method. This profession is growing rapidly among other professions. As an NDT trainer you may get number of job opportunities all over the world. You can also start your own business as NDT expert.

NDT qualification helps you make many crucial decisions regarding integrity of material or component. This qualification makes you able to be your own boss, or can make you important part of NDT Company.

There are 3 levels of NDT training and its benefits.

Level 1:

After clearing first level of NDT, you will be able to do these things

  • You can setup NDT equipments.
  • You can perform tests, record and classify the results.
  • You can report the results.

Level 2:

After completing level 2 you will be able to do:

  • You can select NDT techniques for test method that is used for component.
  • You are able to define the limitations of application of testing method.
  • You are able to translate NTD codes, specification, standards and procedure that are used in actual working condition.
  • You can verify and set up equipments setting.
  • You can perform supervise tests.
  • You are able to interpret and evaluate the results according to applicable standards.

Level 3:

  • You are full responsible for test facility.
  • You can validate NDT instructions and procedure.
  • You are able to interpret the codes, procedures, specifications and standards.
  • You can even design particular methods, procedures and techniques.
  • You can provide guidance for NDT at all levels.

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