An individual may experience a variety of pains which may include a back strain, a herniated disk, hard muscles, and much more. All these severe conditions are extremely painful. If an individual is looking for an adequate relief for such pains then it might be a difficult choice to opt for. In such cases one may be seen opting for home physiotherapy Dubai. Some people opt for these choices because they have to take care of their little champs too.

Babysitting Dubai price may not be affordable for a wide range of individuals due to this reason people do not opt for maternity nannies too. When one has to do all of their work and they are experiencing serve pains then an individual may be seen opting for dry needling physiotherapy.

Dry Needling

It is such a process by which a particular “dry” needle is inserted inside an individual’s muscle tissues for the process of intramuscular therapy. This needle may not be medicated at all and this form of process may not be acupuncture. It is one of the best Western medicines and this process of dry needling can only be performed by such a therapist who has license and he is present in a specific state.

The process of dry needling helps to provide relieve from trigger points, different muscle spasms, a variety of nerve irritation, different ligament strains and much more.

Dry Needling for the Treatment of Trigger Muscles Pain

An experienced physical therapist takes a very thin needle and it will penetrate in an individual’s skin. Due to this needle the underlying myo-fascial trigger points are stimulated including the surrounding areas. A particular type of twitch reflex is produced due to which a muscle contracts and the pain experienced by an individual is reduced by many folds.

It is one of the most painless processes but one may feel pain when the needle is inserted. But this pain only lasts for a few minutes. These pains are a positive response from one’s immune system.

After-Effects of Dry Needling Process

After one has gone through this process they will see that all sorts of pains have reduced by many folds and they are able to perform their daily tasks easily. But this process of dry needling should be performed by a licensed therapist.