While everyone is aiming for vegan diet plan Dubai in the fast modernizing world of 21st century, there are still some people who argue about its benefits and if it is possible for people to have a complete check of nutrients while living only on veggies? The answer is yes. It is possible for a person to still get a complete nutrition in a single vegan meal if it is followed with accuracy and the right ingredients are chosen.

But if you don’t have a correct meal plan for any kind of diet that you will be following even if it is a gluten free diet in Dubai, it can still leave you with a deficiency of a handful of nutrients such as vitamin B12 and D along with iron, calcium and protein. Though this kind of deficiency can affect any individual but it has mass effects on women who are pregnant or children who are getting their whole nutrition from breastfeeding.

It is not always necessary that a diet that works for someone else may also work for you because you are a completely different person and individual in yourself who will be affected by different things due to your own customized genetic makeup. 

You can eradicate this deficiency by adding nutrient rich foods to your platter and reducing the amount of processed vegan food. If a diabetic patient is following this diet then there are chances that processed food is making their sugar levels in bloodstream unstable to a point that it can become life threatening.

Tea and coffee should also be minimized because if it is consumed out of its daily limits, it can be very problematic, creating an imbalance of several nutrients in your body in a single cup. Calcium and vitamin D intake should be increased through natural foods, making sure that it doesn’t come down to a point where you have to get injected by them. Along with that, increase omega 3 and induce it in your daily diet with efficiency. You should force yourself to even have those foods which you didn’t like because of your lack of preparation at the beginning of the diet plan which could’ve been planned exactly the way you like and avoiding such trouble.