People from all over the world prefer Canada express entry from Dubai, UAE and rest of the world and rightfully so because these are some amazing options that are available for people who wish to immigrate to Canada for a better future just like Australia. There are Australian immigration lawyers in UAE available who can guide you in the right direction and help you figure out what is best for you.

Canada express entry immigration visa works in such a way that if you are eligible for the points based Canadian immigration then you get to choose the option of Express entry to Canada. But there are a certain criteria that you have to live up to that will make you eligible for applying for express entry visa. It comprises two major steps which you will have to go through; first step is being living up to the criteria means collecting points and the second major step is applying for the express entry once you have fulfilled the criteria and collected all points.

Let’s take a detailed look at these steps of what they comprise and how to achieve them:

  • Criteria and how to live up to it

The first step is about collecting points. There are a total of hundred points that you will be marked on. You will have to score at least a minimum of 67 or more to be eligible for the express visa. There are certain stages that you will be marked upon and will gain points as you go along. These stages are language skills, educational qualification, work experience, age, employment availability and adaptability. Anyone can apply for express entry as long as they live up to the criteria and complete the first stage.

Apart from this there are a few other things that candidates applying from UAE can opt for which will increase their points. You should have a diploma in any technical or professional field – Canadian diploma certificate programs are preferred. Once you have achieved diploma, you must also have work experience to justify the skills that you have learned and achieved. Next step is to have a clear medical and criminal record which is a necessity for every candidate.

This way you will be able to achieve Visa express entry easily and get going on your destination.